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Online Benefits Administration

Explore our online benefits administration products

Online benefits administration products from BenefitMall can help you and your clients manage benefits, enrollment, streamline processes, and ensure legal compliance.

Streamline benefits administration

With BenefitMall's EmployerFocus™, human resources and broker representatives can manage online benefits enrollment and employee communication. Using this solution, employees can access and enroll in all types of benefits online. Benefits administrators get real-time access to tools to help support employees and manage the enrollment process.

  • Streamline complex benefits, reporting, and compliance
  • Enable self-service for employees via portal to update, cancel and approve benefits
  • Communicate with employees to help them get the most out of their benefits
  • Manage every aspect of your benefits program in one place
  • and more...

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Run Smarter with Ease.

Manage the modern workforce - Simplify administration so you can focus on benefits.

Go digital and streamline online enrollment and benefits administration processes with a comprehensive broker friendly solution. By combining EaseCentral's innovative technology and BenefitMall's individualized service tailored to your needs you can modernize your workflow and grow your business. 

  • Intuitive and enhanced dashboard to manage more clients
  • Accelerate clients process enrollments and streamline benefits
  • Generate custom reports for initial binder checks, reconciled billing, payroll deductions and more

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Leave the Syncing to Us.

BenefitMall has partnered with Employee Navigator's powerful Benefits Administration solution to offer a real-time, accurate data sync of employee demographics and benefit deductions between their benefits administration system and BenefitMall PayFocus Pro™ payroll solution. Learn more now.

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